P&I+ is the HR management solution for large public authorities and church administrations with decentralised organisational structures. P&I+ is delivered with pre-configured, industry-specific content and catalogs, without neglecting the individualization required for the specific needs of individual authorities, departments and employment groups.


Focus on security

The HR solution covers all aspects of the HR tasks of large national organizations. P&I+ also meets the most demanding requirements of the state and federal authorities as well as the Protestant and Catholic Church. This applies both to IT security and to data protection in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the church data protection laws.


Document management, data warehouse, employee self-service

P&I+ already has everything on board as standard: intelligent documents, the HRBC data warehouse and employee self-service. P&I+ puts the focus on users, not on the tools supplied. However, the symbiosis of technology and the thorough understanding of users’ needs results in an unparalleled user experience.


Efficient payroll and interfaces

P&I+ can optionally be delivered with its own service-based payroll system or can serve existing payroll systems via intelligent interfaces. Integration in customers’ system landscapes also takes place via interfaces and web services. No matter how many account assignment features the financial accounting system expects.... P&I+ delivers!  



Find out more about the advantages of P&I+ in our product datasheet. for that purpose, please fill out the form in order to get additional information.  


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