P&I+ regards itself as a premium HR solution that is tailored in particular to the needs and requirements of large public administrations and organisations. It handles all personnel management tasks and creates the scope of freedom that is needed by the personnel departments of today in public administration.

The system is intended for large public administrations and organisations; it was developed in order to map the special requirements with reference to heterogeneous and complex organisational structures or special requirements placed on administration and management of “human” resources. P&I+ has established itself in particular in the administrative bodies of the German federal states and federal government, at municipal computer centres and large church organisations.



  • User-friendly web-based user interface
  • Private cloud for security-sensitive customers
  • Covers all aspects of HR management tasks
  • Problem-free and secure data exchange with other systems
  • Integrated analysis report generator
  • Processing of complex documents as well as provision of relevant standards and legal regulations
  • Access from mobile devices


Find out more about the advantages of P&I+ in our product datasheet. for that purpose, please fill out the form in order to get additional information.  



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