Reports from P&I Customers



“In P&I we have found an attractive partner

that is able to understand, fulfil and realise

our desires and ideas.”...READ MORE


“We have reduced administrative costs

and - in spite of the decentralised location

of our staff - we have succeeded in

achieving transparency within the

company.”...READ MORE



“P&I supports us by offering that type of

solutions and simple implementation as

well as upgrading our P&I LOGA

application”...READ MORE


“Importing the calendar year leave was

not a problem for P&I. However, that was

a tremendous challenge for its competitors.”






 “It would have been great if that

development had already been available

four years ago.It would have saved us

quite a lot of work in connection with

the Vitos Project.“...READ MORE

 We have been able to reduce the amount

of work expended and simultaneously

offer our staff even more information.

Our employees can view their payroll

accounting statement themselves and

access their time data”...READ MORE


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