Technical Managed Application Services (MAS): P&I takes on maintenance and administration of the P&I software installed at the customer’s company and the underlying IT infrastructure, such as servers, database or Citrix environment. With the aid of remote maintenance, the P&I IT consultant ensures that the P&I software is always updated with the very latest version. Regardless of whether release changes, service packs or hot fixes are involved: everything is installed by P&I. Technical support and monitoring during the accounting period is handled by the P&I IT consultant, who also performs monthly reviews of the IT systems. In the event of unexpected breakdowns and/or outages of the IT infrastructure, P&I ensures smooth business workflows by means of a disaster recovery plan.

Customers can select various different MAS service levels thanks to the Standard, Advanced and Premium service level options.


Specialist Managed Application Services (MAS): 

P&I takes on the complete monthly accounting for all staff including printing out the desired individual analysis reports. For that purpose, P&I offers service packages at the S, M, L and XL levels. Depending on the scope of services selected, specialist MAS relieves the burden on the customer resulting from collection and administration of data and tables with accounting relevance to the full extent.


  • Implementation of MAS for the installed P&I software by P&I
  • Provision of technical and/or specialist support


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